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Nanomateriály PDF - Diskusia k témeBrusel 18. október 2011 – Nanomateriály sú podľa odporúčania, ktoré dnes prijala Európska komisia, materiály, ktorých hlavné zložky majú rozmer 1 až 100 miliardtín metra.


Význam syntetických nanomateriálov v našom každodennom živote čoraz viac narastá. Informácie o ich vlastnostiach v rámci výrobného a spracovateľského reťazca majú veľký význam pri stanovovaní potrebných bezpečnostných postupov, postupov hodnotenia rizík a ochranných opatrení.


Follow-up to the 6th Meeting of the REACH Competent Authorities for the implementation of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH)


Nanomaterials - Safe and Innovative
Nanotechnologies hold the key to major advances, breakthroughs and solutions to a number of global challenges. With so much potential, the effective market deployment and responsible management of these technologies is a must.
Nanotechnologies – essential to meet societal challenges
Nanotechnology is engineering at the smallest scale, at the molecular level, to produce nanomaterials. The tiny scale of these materials gives them specific or improved properties that can be harnessed in many different applications, for example to add strength or electrical conductivity.
Through improvements in efficiency and functionality, nanotechnologies bring tangible benefits to society, for example in the fields of solar energy, energy storage, water treatment or healthcare.
As a key enabling technology for innovative products and processes, they are already used in many sectors, such as electronics, chemicals, medicine, food and cosmetics.


Many nanoscale materials are regarded as "chemical substances" under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). To ensure that nanoscale materials are manufactured and used in a manner that protects against unreasonable risks to human health and the environment, EPA is pursuing a comprehensive regulatory approach under TSCA. This four-pronged approach includes: Premanufacture notifications; a Significant New Use Rule; an information gathering rule; and a test rule.


Nanomaterials: Getting the measure


Journal of Nanomaterials :